About Us

Veronika Leather is one of Bali’s fashion brands and is intending to be a leading player in the global luxury accessory market.

Based in Bali the Company  has scaled developed its range of brands into the mid- to focus especially on its core, high-end Leather Collection, using local craftsmen to make a range of bags, shoes, belts and other elegant accessories.

The Company was founded in the early 2014 by Veronika Diana who had already established a successful career, both as a model and designer.

Veronika quickly established a reputation for her strong sense of bright colors; and her designs, and the company's commitment to the high-quality, leather goods segment, helped the company grow quickly.

Veronikas collection is also extensive, designed to clothe a woman with elegant bespoke hand made accessories including jewelry, handbags, accessories, gloves, scarves, and footwear.

Veronika have trademark for : Veronika Label, Broad Minded and Veronika Leather

Veronika is steering the group on to an international course.

This site illustrates the range of elegant affordable designs using the best quality leather and workmanship availible in Indonesia at affordable prices. Hand made pieces made to order are also availible for shipment worldwide.